Make A Wish Trip
April 7-16, 2013
West Plains, MO to Oceanside, CA

We have had an awesome wish granter from the Make A Wish Foundation. We have truly enjoyed working with Amanda Brooks and Julie. On October 13th, Amanda and Julie came to visit us and we started our wonderful journey to a great trip. Come follow us on our journey from West Plains, MO to Oceanside, CA where we will be staying at Legoland. Thanks Amanda, Julie and Ashley for making this happen!

My Wish
1st Visit

2nd Visit

Picking up the van.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4 at Legoland

Day 5 at Sea World

Day 6 at Legoland and Build A Bear

Our Plans

We would love to hear from you throughout this journey. Your comments will be put into a book for Milton at the end of this awesome journey. Feel free to post every day if you would like.